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About Us

Miroslav Stycinskij

Miroslav Stycinskij

Miroslav Stycinskij or “Miron” comes from Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. His career as a top chef started right there, but a life full of love for food and music led him to travel the world – and he ended up in Thailand, Koh Samui for five years.

Miron is a true master of his art – and in this case it’s really about the full meaning of the word “art”. Since his hobbies besides cooking consist of graphic design and hip-hop music (he even worked as a DJ some time ago), all his works are artistic – be it visually or in taste.


Počas súťaže

Miron has received numerous awards and is a winner of quantity of culinary competitions and prizes, be it in his native Lithuania, Poland, Germany or Russia.

But you are certainly more interested in how Miron’s food tastes… and the only solution for you is to come here to try it.

We guarantee it will be an experience to remember though.

Green Buddha Dessert

Green Buddha Dessert

Green Buddha restaurant got its name from the color of the historic building in which it is located, therefore “Green”. It is also the color of nature, comfortable and harmonious – what are the feelings that we would like ” to serve.”

However, we want to serve something you came to us for – food. Our philosophy is simple – enabling you to have a top experience through our top ingredients and top chefs . Your satisfaction is not just another marketing gimmick, you wouldn’t believe how much we really care. Our cuisine is characterized by traditional Thai dishes , prepared unconventionally – there are noticeable Western influences, while retaining the familiar Thai basics.

We also cooperate with local bakeries and manufacturers, so that we can put only the most honest products on your table. We fight pre-prepared foods and junk ingredients – everything is totally sincere, which is also indicated by the sheer number of positive visitor reviews.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a purely natural materials – wood , rattan and fabric . Here, you will be seated in us personally selected , handmade wooden furniture , brought from Thailand Chang Mai , Bangkok and India . Designers Green Buddha he enriched the few rare pieces of antique Asian furniture , which is a contrast minimalist style , which is transferred the whole concept of the company .

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